Graphic Design students work closely with Compuware

The Practicum class led by Chad Reichert gave a presentation to their sponsor, Compuware, on Oct. 21, 2011. The presentation was a culmination of seven weeks of research that included 15+ interviews with employees and staff as well as market and trend analysis. Based on their findings, the students presented goals and objectives that focused on integrating design into the Compuware culture starting with the design of a new enterprise monitoring software. On Nov. 18, the students presented wireframes of a scalable software concept that includes mobile, tablet and desktop applications. The goal of the project is to develop tools that lead to efficient and effective problem resolution. In attendance were Mark Hillman, Vice President of Strategy and Product Line Management; Larry Parrott, Vice President of Innovation; Doug Willoughby, Director of Cloud Computing; Bharath Gowda, Corporate Product Strategy Manager; and Keri Knegden, Senior Designer.