MFA student lands Furencia internship

MFA student Brook Banham was selected by Faurecia as its internship winner based on his work provided for the General Motors (GM) Interactive Design Competition. Brook focused his concepts on the GMC brand and for his efforts gets to choose an internship at Faureciaâ??s design studio in North America, Europe or Asia. When looking at all the submissions, Faurecia focused on the entrants' care for details, color and material solutions, research of perceived value, problem-solving ability, ingenuity, innovation, surprise, presentation quality and story-telling. "We choose Brook as our internship winner based on his exceptional rendering technique, his ability to tell a story through his design and his successful integration of the GMC brand," said Faurecia Industrial Design Manager for North and South America, Olivier Boinais. "Brook was very receptive to the feedback given to him during the competition and was able to advance his designs and as a result, secure a great opportunity to further develop his talents during an internship with Faurecia." View Brookâ??s design: