New College for Creative Studies Copywriting degree prepares students to write the next great American slogan

â??SNAP. CRACKLE. POP.â?¢â? â??A diamond is forever.®â? â??Just do it.®â? Advertising slogans are ingrained in the collective American imagination. Although they may sound clever, they are more than just cute sayings. Great advertising theme lines like these drive the nationâ??s economy, encourage commerce and build brands. Today, the demand for creative talent in advertising has never been greater. College for Creative Studies (CCS) is proud to announce that they are addressing this need by offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Copywriting starting Fall 2011. â??The creative economy is a powerful and global force that only shows signs of growing in the coming years,â? says Richard L. Rogers, president of College for Creative Studies. â??CCS educates students for a variety of well paying, solid career paths. The new BFA in Copywriting enhances our already successful efforts in this arena. We are proud to add copywriting to our cadré of creative disciplines.â? The 126-credit program is focused on developing copywriting skills in an interdisciplinary and team-oriented atmosphere. And by recreating an advertising agency environment, students receive a unique and comprehensive educational opportunity. â??We designed this program to meet the demands of advertising agencies that are increasingly hiring copywriter/ art director teams over the traditional method of hiring individuals,â? says Mark Zapico, chair of CCSâ??s renamed Advertising Department. â??This new degree gives our graduates a distinct advantage. No other undergraduate program in the region prepares students in this manner. We are excited to unveil this offering at CCS.â? Students pursuing a BFA in Copywriting collaborate with art directors to create 360o multimedia campaigns. The program teaches them to make informed strategic decisions, understand cultural and societal trends, and work in todayâ??s digital media platforms. They also learn to lead and take initiative, make ethical decisions, and be innovative problem-solvers in a fast paced, dynamic and evolving industry. â??This venture is a departure for us since CCS is known primarily for visual art and design. But as we studied the job market and analyzed agency needs, we realized that now is the right time for this change,â? says Zapico. â??Copywriting is a growing and lucrative career path for creative writers. We want our graduates to be more than good writers. We want them to be great creative leaders.â?