Sit Down. Move. CCS student takes home BASF award

Joon young Kim BASF competition

Joon young Kim BASF competition
At the Paris Motor Show in September, BASF launched an international competition for automotive seat design.  The contest was open to anyone interested in automotive seat design and comfort and entrants were challenged to develop a design concept using BASF materials.

Over 170 entries from 33 countries were reviewed and CCS’s own Joon young Kim won the design award in the North American/South American Regional Category. Kim was the only United States based student to win one of the top three spots.

Winners were chosen by a panel consisting of industrial and automotive designers including Konstatin Grcic, Ken Kiyoyuki Okuyama and Dave Lyon, together with three BASF automotive experts.

Today’s automotive seats incorporate a complex material system that has to combine the aspects of safety and design, cost considerations and functionality, weight reduction and resource savings, and  conform and ergonomics. For this reason, the entrants were asked to present their concept focusing on a central core message that takes into account one or more of these aspects.