Style Gurus: Two CCS Students Blog on Street Style at Fashion Web Site

College Fashionista

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Long a catch phrase among the design minded, “street style” is a dominant aesthetic in the world of fashion. Whether slick, low-budget, high-concept or quirky, what women and men beyond fashion runways choose to wear and — more important — how they style what they wear gives valuable insight on the latest looks and trends.

It also hammers home the simple yet powerful idea that personal style isn’t limited to expensive designer labels and inspiration is everywhere, including college campuses.

That’s the idea behind, a fashion web site that showcases the latest styles and trends on college campuses around the world. The site gives students and other young adults a glimpse into what their peers are wearing and tips on how to incorporate the looks they see into their own wardrobe. The site’s articles are written by Style Gurus® — hundreds of contributors around the world who photograph looks from their own campuses and weigh in with tips on fashion, accessories, beauty topics and more.

Two College Fashionista Style Gurus are right here at the College for Creative Studies: Natalie Miller and Madison Koster, both Class of 2019 majoring in Advertising Design.

For Koster, who has been writing for College Fashionista since December of last year, the ability to strengthen her photography and writing chops in the service of fashion was a big part of what drew her to the web site. Like Miller, she wants to extend her studies at CCS to the fashion world, perhaps as an art director for a fashion magazine or company.

“I think I realized I wanted to pursue fashion my senior year in high school,” said Koster. “I found a group of people who like the same things I do, and we all liked to dress up. We didn’t want to look like everyone else at school, we wanted to put our own individual stamp on what we were wearing.”

For a What to Wear feature, Koster recently photographed the late-winter outfit of a young fashionista wearing warm neutrals and subtle accessories for a class-to-dinner look.

Since arriving at CCS, she has developed an interest in typography as a part of advertising. “Before I took type classes and started learning about fonts, I thought, ‘What’s the big deal?’ Now I know, and I think it’s awesome. My professor’s been helping me design page layouts — like the kind you’d see in Vogue — the copy and headlines. It makes me think more about the high-fashion aspect of design; not just with clothes but how everything is laid out.”

Miller, who has been writing for the web site since early last fall, was in the market for internships when she discovered College Fashionista.

“Detroit is a great design city but not necessarily a fashion city,” she observed. “I stumbled across College Fashionista, but I didn’t really know what it was. Then I saw that they were interested in street style and I thought, ‘Oh, I like street style.’ When I was in Chicago, I worked as a street style columnist. And I realized that I could do that with College Fashionista.”

In a recent feature, Miller photographed a young man in a graphic marble hoodie and applauded his black-and-white styling as an example of how the absence of color can be bold, not boring.

“I love the psychology of advertising and finding patterns and connections. For me, street style is like that, too: seeing patterns. It’s something I’m very good at. So it’s very cool for me to be able to adapt that to real life.”

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