CCS alumni work on several Super Bowl commercials

James Franco

James Franco
Every February the nation gathers around the television to watch the National Football League’s premier game, the Super Bowl, but not everyone is interested in the game itself. This “football holiday” has earned a reputation of showcasing some of the most innovative commercials in advertising. And, with over 108 million viewers, advertisers turn to creative individuals who have the vision to be innovative, witty and sometimes prophetic. Over time, alumni from CCS have played a major role in developing these commercials and this year was no exception. Over a dozen alums from three different ad agencies played lead roles in developing spots that were both memorable and entertaining.




Here is a list of CCS alumni that worked on this year's Super Bowl commercials:

Scott Lange (GC-GD ’92), EVP, Executive Creative Director, Team Detroit
·    Digital content/teasers
o     Ford “Nearly Double/Rob Riggle & James Franco

Brad Jendza (GC ’98), Associate Creative Director, Team Detroit
o site
o    Fusion site

Lizz Linabury (Behler) (GC ’03), Senior Cross-Content Strategist, Team Detroit
·    Framed the messaging for paid media, site redesign and social/content studio communications
o    “Nearly Double/Rob Riggle & James Franco
o    Fusion site

Michael Nishanian (CD-AD ’03), Associate Creative Director, Team Detroit
·    Tier 1 & Tier 1.5 spots
o    “Nearly Double/Rob Riggle & James Franco

Steve Kerry (AD ’12), Art Director, Leo Burnett Worldwide
o    2014 Chevy Super Bowl Commercial: “Romance” – 2015 Silverado

Jack Douglas (AD ’13), Art Director, Leo Burnett Worldwide
o    2014 Chevy Super Bowl Commercial “Life” - #purpleyourprofile

Vic Quattrin (AD ’10), Sr. Art Director, Global Hue
o    Chrysler and Bob Dylan Super Bowl Commercial – “America’s Import