Third Annual David Robert and Sylvia Jean Nelson Foundation for Arts and Letters Scholarships

Two Scholarships will be available to CCS Juniors entering their senior year in the following majors: Fine Arts Crafts Illustration Photography 1st Place $3,000 2nd Place $2,000
â?¢ CCS juniors entering their senior year in Fine Arts, Crafts, Illustration, or Photography departments. â?¢ Students must be in good academic standing. â?¢ Submit a CD or DVD of your best work (5-10 pieces), 20 images maximum. â?¢ Complete application for scholarship on Blackboard or see your Dept. Administrator.
Deadline: Friday, April 1, 2011 12:00 noon Foundation Office, 2nd floor Walter B. Ford Bldg. (W-206) Questions, contact Robert Schefman: 664-7694
Download Application Here!