Transportation Design students tour Viper plant with Ralph Gilles

Trans students at Viper plant

Trans students at Viper plant
CCS Transportation Design students had the unprecedented opportunity to visit Chrysler’s Dodge Viper plant on Conner Avenue in Detroit, thanks to the efforts of CCS trustee and alumnus Ralph Gilles '92 TD.

Gilles, President and CEO of the SRT Brand and Motorsports and Senior Vice President of Product Design at Chrysler Group LLC, gave the tour with Doug Gouin, Director of Viper Operations. Gilles was hoping the tour would open the minds of the students and have them understand the progressions that a vehicle undergoes throughout the production process. And, the production process at the Viper Plant is truly unique.

The plant is different from most other facilities due to the fact that every car that rolls off the line is hand-built by the skilled craftspeople of Detroit. According to Gilles, the Viper is the only automobile that is completely made in Detroit. This distinct and meticulous process allowed the students to observe the development of the Viper from a chassis to a finished car.

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