On August 16, CCS alumnusTyree Guyton got to strut his stuff for the city of Basel, Switzerland's Cultural Capital


On August 16, 2012, Detroit’s own Tyree Guyton had the opportunity to strut his stuff for the city of Basel, Switzerland’s Cultural Capital. Hosted by Maja Oeri and Hans U. Bodenmann, founders of the Laurenz House, Guyton shared what nine months of study, research and travels have produced at his studio, Bollag Project Space, Gaertnerstrasse 50, 4057 Basel / Switzerland on August 16, 2012.

Guyton has been in Switzerland since October 2011, serving an esteemed residency at the Laurenz House upon personal invitation of Mrs. Oeri. Throughout the first six months, Guyton spent a great deal of time pondering the question, “What is Art Today in the 21st Century?” This question led to deep study of philosophers and artists such as Rudolph Steiner, Joseph Beuys, Seneca, Plato, Henry Clifford Kinley and many other Old Masters. He also traveled to Germany and Austria and attended Art Basel 2012, taking in the works of artists from all over the world.

Guyton’s research spurred him to write a series of short manifestos and to produce several small works of art that he calls Studies. These works will be compiled and categorized in a catalog that will eventually serve to educate the public on Guyton’s perspective, from 25 years of creative energy on Heidelberg Street in Detroit, to his world view and study in Switzerland. For now, Guyton has offered many of his observations and discoveries in a blog http://www.swisstimesoftyreeguyton.blogspot.com.

In his own words: “As I study this subject of Art and realize that I have created my own institution in a neighborhood of disparity, I begin to understand the significant power of creativity. My art has brought me to the knowledge of knowing for myself - the whole creation is a work of art in progress. It has brought me to a new reality where fear has no home. Seeing the world from a new prospective, there is no stopping this incredible change that's in the making. Every single moment in time there is something new being discovered in this great creation.”

During the last three months of his residency, Guyton’s creative energy exploded, culminating in an impressive body of work which Guyton calls, Two Countries, Two Cities, One Spirit.