CCS Alum Scores Animated Series on Nickelodeon

August 11, 2021
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Entertainment Arts-Animation alum’s original series picked up by Nickelodeon


Zach Smith (‘10 Entertainment Arts) works as a creator for Nickelodeon and has been working with Nickelodeon for the past eight years. He was recently awarded his own animated series called “The Hamster Show.”

“The Hamster Show” is set to follow a group of hamsters, the heroic protectors of their 8-year-old owner Harry—who the hamsters mistake as their king and ruler of their elaborate colorful-tubed kingdom. Together, the hamsters explore their kingdom, comedically misunderstanding the human world and braving “royal missions,” such as saving King Harry from daily doom, granting his wishes and keeping his life running smoothly—according to Business Wire.

“The series creators, Brian Morante and Zach Smith have a history of bringing unique stories to life at Nickelodeon, and we can’t wait to dive in with our production partners at Nelvana on these originals,” President Ramsey Naito said.

The show is a Canadian animated series produced by Nelvana Enterprises—a Canadian entertainment company that distributes some of Nickelodeon’s shows outside of the United States, like fan favorites “The Fairly OddParents,” “Danny Phantom” and “My Life as a Teenage Robot.” 

“The Hamster Show” is set to premiere in 2022.