CCS Office of Educational Technology & Innovation and Office of Partnerships

August 20, 2021

CCS is excited to announce the inception of the Office of Educational Technology & Innovation under the leadership of Ryan Ansel, Executive Director. This new office will help CCS be a leader in education delivery, both in-person and online. Fostering an environment where faculty, staff and students utilize technology to transform how we deliver and receive education is key to this vision. Ryan will work closely with Academic Affairs, Academic Departments and Chairs, Continuing Studies, Information Technology and the entire campus to help CCS provide a world class art and design education on campus and virtually.

CCS has a long history of collaborating with corporate and community partners, whether in the classroom, via internships or hiring CCS students and alumni.

In order to better serve students, faculty and staff, CCS has established a new Office of Partnerships to be the entry point for external partners to connect with the talent and resources that exist at the college. In addition, the office will work with students on their career development needs and serve as a resource to all academic departments in developing even greater experiential learning opportunities. The new office was developed by combining existing CCS staff from the corporate relations and career development areas.

Questions? Reach out to the Office of Educational Technology & Innovation here and the Office of Partnerships here.