CCS Student Organization Invites Alumni To Discuss Their Professional Lives After CCS

February 11, 2022
Organization logo for AIGA - the professional association for design

The Professional Association for Design (AIGA) student chapter on campus invited alumni from 2020 to speak about their time working professionally, and they even gave advice to current Communication Design students.

AIGA, a student organization run by students within the Communication Design program at CCS, invited 2020 graduates of the program to speak in a panel-style interview over Zoom. Alumna’s Asha Cook, a designer at Lafayette American; Emily Johnson, a junior designer at Hovercraft; Jade Kuzak, an animator and designer at Hobbes and Rebecca Hernandez at Ceremonia.

There were discussions about job searching, the comparison between working as a professional compared to being a student, work-life balance, and issues faced within the professional realm.

Pieces of advice the alumna’s passed on:
Cherish the time you have now to make mistakes.
Stay connected with the friends and classmates you meet at CCS.
Work on soft skills and how you present yourself digitally via email, Zoom, etc.