The 2021 regional awards from the American Advertising Federation (AAF) have been announced, and CCS students garnered 18 American Advertising Awards — aka, Addys — across multiple categories in the Student Division. Awarded via the American Advertising Federation of Greater Flint, the students took home not only the coveted Best of Show award, but also Gold and Silver awards for projects in Print Advertising, Online/Interactive, Film, Video & Sound; and Cross-Platform categories.

The American Advertising Awards recognize and reward creative excellence in advertising via an annual competition that attracts more than 40,000 entries at the local and regional levels. Local Addy winners go on to compete at the regional level in 15 district competitions, culminating in the national Addys, awarded each year at the ADMERICA Conference.

College for Creative Studies AAF of Greater Flint Award Winners

Student Best of Show &
Student Gold ADDY Award

An advertisement that depicts a digital drawing of a pink middle school building behind a green bus with the words "Digi Scouts" on the side in white. The building has many windows with potted plants handing underneath and a white flag on the roof. The sky is blue with a few white clouds, and the ground is grassy with four trees.

Jessica Bonello and Emily Burke, Advertising Design

Online/Interactive – Integrated Campaign
Jessica Bonello, Emily Burke


Student Gold ADDY Awards

An advertisement that depicts a pattern of 5 black and white headshots of people and boxes that are either red, teal, purple, or dark yellow. Bold black text in the boxes, clockwise, reads "Design looks Like Tyler", "#Design Looks Like Me", "Design Looks Like Me", and "Design Looks Like AJ." The top left box has a black Adobe logo.

Jessica Bonello and Johnny Spagnuolo, Advertising Design

“Design Looks Like Me”
Cross Platform – Integrated Campaign
Jessica Bonello, Johnny Spagnuolo


An advertisement of two hands holding two waffle cones containing scoops of blue ice cream with cherries and sprinkles on top. The backdrop is a peach colored curtain. The ice cream is dripping down the hands.

Jessica Bonello and Juliana Gearig, Advertising Design

“Everything Sweats”
Online/Interactive – Social Media
Jessica Bonello, Juliana Gearig


An advertisement depicting a smart phone in a white showroom. On the screen of the phone is an app with many visible features, including the text "Let's do this. A happier you is just one task away!" and a list of different mood lifting activities, including " Personal Project" and "20 minutes yoga sesh".

Ethan Pestano, Advertising Design

“Cleo: A Mental Health App”
Online/Interactive – Apps
Ethan Pestano


“WhatsApp: WhatsUp”
Online/Interactive – Apps
Adam Dellavecchia, Ethan Pestano


“Visa Groups”
Online/Interactive – Apps
Ethan Pestano


Student Silver ADDY Awards 

A black and white photograph of a woman and her child playing and laughing in their living room. The woman is facing away from the camera, looking up to her child. The child is reaching their arms up and wearing a Virtual Reality headset.

Grace Heslip and Ethan Pestaño, Advertising Design

“Inclusivity is Innovation”
Cross-Platform – Integrated Campaign
Grace Heslip, Ethan Pestano


Image of a billboard next to two skyscrapers depicting the phrase "#Imagine If The LGBTQ+ Community Didn't Exist." in bold white text against a black background. A breaking news headline says "breaking News. #Imagine If. A Mysterious Billboard Appears. No LGBTQ+?" in bold black text.

Johnny Spagnuolo and Kenta Tomeoki, Advertising Design

Cross-Platform – Integrated Campaign
Johnny Spagnuolo, Kenta Tomeoki


Cross-Platform – Integrated Campaign
Lauren Flynn, Max Stutz


An advertisement that depicts a close up of a crying baby in a grey car seat. In the center is the phrase "Don't be a crybaby." in white text.

Anthony Quitos, Advertising Design

“Cry Babies”
Film, Video & Sound –  Television Advertising
Anthony Quitos


An advertisement depicting of a close up of a women in a blue tank top adjusting her ponytail. She is slightly sweaty and it is assumed she is jogging down the street. The streets are lined with trees. She looks straight ahead and looks determined.

Jessica Bonello, Juliana Gearig and Andrea Dunn, Advertising Design

“Stop Sweat in its Tracks”
Film, Video & Sound –  Television Advertising
Jessica Bonello, Juliana Gearig


“Slavery’s Legacy”
Film, Video & Sound –  Television Advertising
Tranell Slaughter


Magazine cover that features a black and white image of a mountain climber on the top of Mt. Everest. Red semi-transparent text in the bottom right corner reads "The North Face".

“Fear is Our Past”
Print Advertising – Integrated Campaign
Brianna Matway, Dana Glomski


An advertisement depicting a page with a long handwritten paragraph with certain words highlighted orange about a student being sleep deprived while writing a school essay. The bottom of the page features an image of an orange Powerade bottle with the slogan "Write with confidence. Powerade."

Emily Mata, Advertising Design

“With Confidence”   
Print Advertising – Integrated Campaign
Emily Mata


A black and white advertisement. The right side depicts half the face of a smiling women shown from the neck up, looking straight at the camera against a black background. The left side depicts a white screen with the phrase "Something This Beautiful Must be Natural".

Sofia Fritz, Advertising Design

“Natural Beauty”
Print Advertising – Integrated Campaign
Sofia Fritz


“Innocence Project PSA Commercial”
Film, Video & Sound – Television Advertising
Skye Scaglione


Print Advertisement for GoPro with the tagline "remember to pack light". Depicts a clear travel back with toiletries.

“Pack Light”
Print Advertising  – Magazine Advertising
Andrea Dunn


Print advertisement for poopourri depicting a toilet with flowers and butterflies bursting out of it. A pink tagline at the top reads "No one smelt it after you dealt it"

“Poo-Pourri Print Campaign”
Print Advertising – Magazine Advertising
Skye Scaglione