College for Creative Studies Introduces Reinvisioned and Forward-Thinking Graduate Programs

September 21, 2021
Two students looking very closely at a 3D printer at work.

New advanced, STEM-designated, studio-based degree programs look to the future of design, climate and education.

The College for Creative Studies (CCS) is pleased to announce the launch of several new graduate programs: an MA/MFA in Motion Design, MA/MFA in Design for Climate Action, MA in Art Education, MA in Color & Materials Design, MA in Transportation Design and the introduction of the newly revised MA/MFA in User Experience (UX) Design, which strategically combines and enhances MFA Interaction Design and MFA Systems Design Thinking.  

Under the direction of Dr. Ian Lambert, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, these new programs represent a broad-sweeping systemic change at the College, sharpening the focus on crucial next-generation-thinking, creative problem solving, design making, research methods and business practices.

“These vital additions and revisions to CCS’ graduate program offerings prove our dedication to providing the most timely and imperative educational experiences for our students,” Don Tuski, CCS president says. “These new offerings will allow our students to leave their mark on the world in the most critical and lasting ways.”

The timely and essential MA/MFA in Design for Climate Action fosters an understanding of zero-waste materials and processes, environmental and biophilic interventions, community co-design initiatives and circular economic thinking. Graduates of the CCS program in Design for Climate Action will think and work creatively with sustainable systems and processes in order to address the climate change emergency.

MA/MFA in Motion Design offers students the opportunity to create sophisticated moving image narratives for a range of applications, from apps to ads to short films and more. The curriculum focuses on research and critical practice, bringing together visual communication, illustration, animation, film and the fine arts. CCS’ connections provide unparalleled connections to industry and the community.

Obtaining an MA in Art Education is becoming increasingly important for art educators at all levels. Students in this low residency, hybrid program are able to maintain their current teaching position while earning their master’s degree in 25-months. Uniquely combining the strengths of face-to-face learning with the flexibility of online coursework, the program affords students the opportunity to develop their professional practice while simultaneously maintaining their teaching positions in their community. 

Under the advisement of Jody Medich, principal design researcher at Microsoft, CCS alumna and visiting industry professor, the newly revised User Experience (UX) Design program thoughtfully integrates two pre-existing, high-performing departments, catapulting a reimagined program that advances the technological core of Interaction Design and incorporates the insightful research and entrepreneurial intelligence of Systems Design Thinking.

The addition of an MA option in Transportation Design and Color & Materials Design focuses on developing the professional and technical skills of students who are not looking for a terminal degree The existing MFA in both programs is research-focused and pushes students to embark on an independently defined critical inquiry.

“For years CCS has been a partner to industry in a variety of ways. These program revisions and additions are in direct response to industry trends and needs,” Dr. Ian Lambert says. “We strive to deliver programming that offers the most straightforward career pathway in response to industry and global demands.”

CCS is pleased to offer these new options for current and future students to further its mission of educating the next generation of changemakers. To learn more, visit