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CPAD Visual Arts Hero

CPAD and the Visual Arts

The arts are strongly linked to Detroit’s re-development and renaissance as a hot urban destination, but many Detroit communities continue to lack the arts infrastructure needed to support ongoing activity.

For this reason, CPAD’s initial focus is on highly visible, long-lasting, visual art projects that can begin to create a real and lasting arts infrastructure by establishing arts places that are concrete and recognized as such by their communities.CPAD visual art projects create defined arts places in target communities and foster a sense of pride in, and commitment to their neighborhoods for residents. These arts places support ongoing arts activity and often re-purpose vacant or under-used community spaces and resources, turning community challenges into opportunities.

CPAD Map Project

1. Career Paths

2. Talking Fence and Illuminated Garage

3. Solar Cocoon

4. SolarFly Mood Swing

5. Victory Village

6. Food Justice Amphitheater

7. Growing Together

8. Alley Project

9. Reading Garden

10. History of the Future: Series 1

11. Spirit at Rest

12. Cesar Chavez

13. Sol del Barrio

14. Three Leaves, Day and Night Guitar, Mother Earth

15. Community Rock

16. Illuminated Mural

17. Earth Sky Repose

18. Panther Power

19. Patterns of Play

20. Visions of Hope

21. Memory Field

22. On the Hustle, On the Move, On the Go

23. Edible Hut