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Alumni Lecture Series

Beginning in 2019 the CCS Alumni Lecture Series will feature alumni artists and designers, of all backgrounds and disciplines, with the goal of servicing students, young alumni, and the CCS community at large. By sharing stories of personal and professional experiences, alumni lecturers provide valuable business and professional development tips in a unique peer-to-peer environment.

This series also seeks to strengthen relationships between current students, alumni, and faculty by inviting speakers to share their work and wisdom while encouraging students to think creatively about their upcoming transition into the professional world.

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Kevin Calabrese
Vice President, Executive Director for Czarnowski

At 33 years old, Kevin Calabrese holds the global position of Vice President, Executive Creative Director with Czarnowski; a global brand experience agency. Kevin’s career trajectory was rapid and uncommon. Moving up the ladder from intern, to designer, to corporate leader in record time and becoming one of the youngest people promoted into executive leadership at age 27. He is a multiple award-winning designer and driven creative strategist for such prominent brands as Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, GMC, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, Panasonic, Boeing, General Dynamics and more. In addition to overseeing the creative work of his agency, Kevin also manages the national team of inter-disciplinary designers. Kevin graduated from College for Creative Studies in 2008, earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Industrial Design with Honors. Kevin was the first student ever to deliver a commencement address and currently participates in many public and private speaking engagements.