Cultural Immersion Workshop

The CCS Cultural Immersion Workshop is a four-week intensive studio program for international design professionals to gain insight and experience into the American automobile market and design practice. Workshop attendees receive instruction in design concepts, ideation sketching, and rendering techniques for 2D and 3D. They also take part in field research, visiting museums, historic points of interest, and other facilities in the heartland of American automotive design and manufacturing. The capstone is a formal presentation of final design project models to a review panel of design professionals.

"This workshop is such a valuable and focused immersion into the American Culture. We think that this program is as great opportunity as leadership training for our young designers." - TECHNO-ART

“America is CAR COUNTRY. Because it is such a large country, power and speed are very important for them. I was able to learn the technical skills of Auto design in this workshop. It was such a valuable experience. “

- Mr. Ro, NISSAN

FEE: USD $12,500

Included in the fee:

  1. tuition
  2. accommodation
  3. workshop travel


About CCS

College for Creative Studies, one of the world’s leading art and design schools, is internationally known for its transportation design program, placing more graduates in transportation design positions than any other school in the world. In 2013 and 2014, CCS was named “Most Successful School” in the Car Design News Interior Motives Design Award international competition. Its world-class faculty have held leadership positions at every American OEM, as well as at Honda, Toyota, BMW, Hyundai, Daewoo, and many more. Its design and prototyping facilities are second to none.

About the location

The CCS Cultural Immersion Workshop is held in the A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education, a historic building designed by Albert Kahn and home of the first General Motors Corporation Research Laboratory where the world’s first concept car and many other automotive innovations were developed.


Accommodations for workshop attendees are provided at the Taubman Center. Accommodations are two people per room, which are furnished with beds, kitchenette for meal preparation, bed linens, towels, storage units, wardrobe, a couch, coffee table, and bedside table. Each room has its own private bath and upper storage area. Rooms are wired for basic cable TV, room-to-room telephone service, and wireless Internet. Workspaces, fitness rooms, lounge areas, and laundry room are also nearby. The CCS Bookstore, located in the Taubman Center, carries all supplies and materials, including sketchbooks, markers, templates, etc., for purchase that attendees will need.


From Companies

“He obtained a special experience in Detroit…. and felt the essence of American Design. Thank you so much for your effort to organize this rich and unique program. We would like to participate again next year. “

“We can see his growth and increased ability. We would like you to train to our young designers and we look forward to your advice.”

“Our company’s participant provided us with a workshop overview, which proved to have a great impact on his development as a designer. I hope it is transmitted to other designers in our company like our attendee from last year. The workshop of CCS is a special experience. This one month program is the perfect fit for us. Thank you very much. “

From Attendees

(TOYOTA: Mr. Kamiura)
“I got a back to the basics of design in this 27-day workshop. It was a time to learn what I had not learned in my Japanese School. I really appreciate Professor Ito and Mr Baker teaching me these very valuable skills and techniques.”

(TOYOTA East: Mr. Kurohara)
“When I started working as a car designer, I had to design a car for the North American market without any knowledge of American Culture or design. After one month, I have leaned many things about American Culture. It makes me want to redesign this car with the knowledge that I gained in this workshop.”

(TOYOTA: Ms. Hirai)
“I learned that the relation of Car and American people are extremely close. I learned the techniques of CCS Transportation Design, as a way to make the design appealing. It will be useful my future in design.”

(NISSAN: Mr. Mizutani)
“Working with designers to research car design was an experience unlike any I have ever had in Japan. We established friendship wihile working closely together for 27days. The Professors worked with me individually to help me feel the sense of drawing a car. “

(AISHIN: Mr. Ono)
“My image of America was strong and redneck before I participated this workshop. I know now that the way of thinking about the space is very important. I understand how overall proportion is important for a car now. I will reflect this knowledge for my work in the future. “