CCS MI-ACE Women’s Network

The ACE Women’s Network is a national system of networks within each state, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia with the goal of advancing and supporting women in higher education. Each state network is led by a state chair who works with institutional representatives and at least one presidential sponsor to develop programs that identify, develop, encourage, advance, link, and support (IDEALS) women in higher education careers within that state.

CCS MI-ACE Women’s Network aims to encourage, develop and support those who identify as female in the CCS Community. We do so by offering trainings, seminars and workshops that support leadership development, advancement, networking, community awareness, and the totality of the professional woman.

Executive Committee/Programming Leads: Jetshri Bhadviya, Dayna Davis, Kate Lees and Tanecia Nunlee


The CCS MI-ACE Women’s Network supports and develops individually and professionally those who identify as female in the CCS community. We strive to attain this through a variety of programs which can consist of discussions, lectures, seminars, and training inclusive of the CCS community. 

Our Commitment

The State MI-ACE Women’s Network is committed to improving the general climate and professional environment for women by identifying, developing the leadership of, encouraging, advancing, link/networking, and supporting women in higher education throughout the state.

2022 DWA Awardees

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