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DEI Advisory Group

The purpose of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Group is to develop and guide activities, protocols and trainings that strengthen CCS’ commitment to and creation of a welcoming, safe, supportive, creative and connected culture at the College.

DEI Advisory Group Responsibilities

  • Developing a position statement to use in guiding our activities, on our website, etc.
  • Researching and benchmarking best practice activities from other institutions, comparing what we have in place and what we need.
  • Developing a plan to move the initiative forward, including engaging an expanded group and using our strategic plan format.
  • Bringing awareness to members of the CCS community about diversity, equity, and inclusion in its many forms.
  • Creating and sustaining initiatives to galvanize our culture and engage proactively in rapid response to issues of equity and inclusion both on campus and in external partnerships.
  • Establishing professional connections with organizations dedicated to the advancement of diversity and inclusion.

As a leading school of art and design and influential member of the Detroit community, CCS desires to be an agent of cultural change in response to the historical context out of which the school and City have grown.

DEI Advisory Group Members

Gil Ashby
Associate Professor, Illustration

Tyanna Buie
Assistant Professor, Fine Arts

Vince Carducci
Dean Emeritus

Katherine Campbell
Director of International Student Services

Shelley Danner
Graduate Studies Adjunct Professor

Dayna Davis
Program Manager, Entertainment Arts

Miah Davis
Development Assistant, Institutional Advancement

Christina deRoos
Director, Kresge Arts in Detroit

Carlos Diaz
Professor, Photography

Raquel Diroff
Assistant Director of Human Resources

Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Assistant Professor, Foundations

Katie Gaither
Student Engagement Manager

Alecia Haney
Associate Director of Foundation Relations

Amy Lazet
Digital Scholarship Specialist

Dan Long
Dean of Students

Larry Lunsford
Assistant Director, Community Arts Partnership

Sabrina Nelson
Senior Admissions Counselor

Marcyanne Parzych
Maintenance Staff

Hailee Ridge
International Academic Advisor

Lisa Rigstad
Program Manager, Fine Arts

Amy Ruopp
Chair of Art Education

Kiana Wenzell
Director of Culture & Community, Design Core Detroit

Valerie Weiss
Director of Wellness and Counseling Services