Fundraising Events

The College for Creative Studies hosts two entirely unique fundraising events annually.

These gatherings support the CCS Annual Fund, while providing unparalleled opportunities for personal and business networking and promotions. CCS event sponsors are visibly aligned with the CCS brand in valuing the creative spirit and developing the creative economy in Detroit.

The Art of Wine @ Home

This virtual engagement event experience will include a brief pre-recorded program from CCS to be viewed by guests at their convenience from any personal device with internet access. In addition to a warm welcome by CCS President, the Head Chef at Forte will offer detailed comments describing each delicious course, along with an overview of the wine pairings. Guests will have the option to create their own experience by choosing between three dates to host the event in their homes. Guests can choose from February 18, 19 or 20 to enjoy the event.

Although guests might not be able to gather for a traditional live auction, CCS will host a mobile auction of unique wine packages and art.

Student Exhibition Opening (SEO)

Each spring the A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education is transformed into an amazing art gallery, showcasing student work from all departments. Opening night features a private Collector’s Reception and a general admissions party, which allows art and design patrons to have the first chance to view and purchase artwork. Proceeds from art sales go directly to students, while proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorships help fund undergraduate student scholarships and free community art programs for kids.

The Student Exhibition has grown into one of the region’s best events – and opportunities – of its kind, for art lovers and buyers as well as those who appreciate the value of marketing to such valuable audiences.

Interested in volunteering for a CCS event?