Entertainment Arts


David Gazdowicz

Assistant Professor

MFA, Eastern Michigan University
BFA, College for Creative Studies


Research Interests:

Michigan native David Gazdowicz is an independent animator, filmmaker, audio producer, game/interaction designer and college professor. David has collaborated with countless artists, animators and filmmakers to create one of a kind sound tracks and imagery for a wide variety of projects. His animation work focuses on the humorous and often absurd side of life, while creating engaging narratives and colorful characters. His interaction design tends to focus on the nostalgia of growing up in the 80’s listening to Lionel Richie on cassette tape and playing arcade games at the local party story. David creates quirky works of art that he hopes will capture the viewer's heart and mind.
You can visit David's website here: http://www.davidgazdowicz.com/

Professional Experience:

As a freelance and staff video editor and producer David has worked on projects ranging from broadcast documentaries for The Michigan Opera Theatre, live event production for Crain Communications and broadcast television spots for Detroit Opera House, Michigan Opera Theater and Oakwood Common. He has also worked on projects developing internal media for various companies around Metro Detroit, these companies include Bosch, Denso, Continental Structural Plastics and many others. David still keeps up an active freelance practice while teaching full time. Although he has to be more selective with projects he takes on, he stays connected with production studios in and around Detroit working on motion graphic animations for a wide range of applications. David has had video and animation work exhibited at noted festivals such as the Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor, MI) and Media City Film Festival (Windsor, Ontario) among others.

Significant Publications/Presentations/Exhibitions:

  • FLR, Fresh Off the Grille Film Festival, Royal Oak, MI.
  • FLR, Open Projector Night, Grand Rapids, MI.
  • FLR, Media City Film Festival, Windsor, Ontario
  • Continuum, Media City Film Festival, Windsor, Ontario
  • Commissioned to produce an audio track for Armenian Animation Workshop.
  • CCS Faculty Exhibition, Continuum, The Valade Family Gallery, Detroit, MI
  • Mini Micro Cinema, Robocop was Filmed Mostly in Detroit., Cincinnati, Ohio
    Short film selected for the “Dearest Chicago, Please Love Me! Your’s Truly, Detroit.” screening.
  • Eastern Market After Dark, Robocop was Filmed Mostly in Detroit., Detroit, MI.
    Short film selected for the “Please Love Me! Your’s Truly, Detroit.” screening.
  • “Dream Machines”, commission, Detroit Design Festival, Detroit, MI
  • Images of my MFA thesis work published online at Printmag.com http://www.printmag.com/design-education/eastern-michigan-university-mfa/


  • Right Brothers Productions, Jamaican Queens “Kids Get Away” music video. Role of “Obsessed Man”.
  • Right Brothers Productions, Bevlove’s “Freaks” music video. Role of “Investigator”.