College for Creative Studies: Liberal Arts


Lisa Catani

Chair of Liberal Arts, Associate Professor

PhD, Wayne State University
MA, Wayne State University
BA, Wayne State University

Research Interests:

Lisa Catani is currently working on CCS's strategic plan and is developing seven new courses with faculty for 2017-2018 roll out. She continues to write fiction and nonfiction pieces and edits the work of fellow writers.

Professional Experience:

Lisa Catani has taught English composition and literature at the college level for over thirty years. She also has corporate experience, including work at Chrysler Corporation, where she wrote and edited the corporate newsletter and delivered an in-house news broadcast. Lisa also edited documents for the City of Detroit's water department during the Dennis Archer administration.

Significant Publications/Presentations/Exhibitions:

  • CCS Academic Assessment Team 2013-present
  • CCS Freedom of Expression Policy Task Group 2017
  • Strategic Planning Work Group 2017-18