Integrated Design Program


Maria Luisa Rossi

Chair of MFA Integrated Design

She is the Chair and Professor of MFA Integrated Design at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit where she brings an entrepreneurial culture, globally-focused and cultural empathetic approaches to the growing of the next generation of designers. Her works focus on the seamless capacity to deal with tangible and intangible aspects of user experiences, preparing “facilitators” capable to address global-glocal grand challenges.
Strongly centered on the design process, the program prepare students for the practice of designing omni-channel journeys [products-strategy-services] focused to the quality of the users experience with a special eye to socially relevant solutions. As an undergraduate in Florence, Italy, her wearable computer project work was featured in the prestigious Domus magazine, earning her a scholarship to attend the premiere master’s program in industrial design at the Domus Academy in Milan were she got her Master of Industrial Design.

Professional Experience:

She moved to Paris as chief concept designer at ARPE where she designed interiors for private residences and high-end Japanese hotels. She founded the design consultancy Iavicoli & Rossi in Tokyo, creating furniture and home accessories for Italian manufacturers, and collaborating at numerous projects with Nikken Sekkei. She has taught Brand Identity and Communication at the leading Fashion Design and Marketing Institute Polimoda, design critical thinking at the Industrial and Communication Design school ISIA & Polimoda, at Fashion Institute of Technology, and Syracuse University. In 2008, her interdisciplinary attitude, design and brand strategy knowledge, and business acumen brought her to be hired in the team that launched the new Graduate Program in Design at College for Creative Studies in Detroit. In that capacity she has developed the curriculum and set standards of excellence for MFA Integrated Design (formally called Interdisciplinary Design) validate by a successful alumni job placement in corporations and design consultancies setting.

Significant Publications/Presentations/Exhibitions:

M.Luisa has conducted workshops at Singapore’s Design Center, and Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Appliqué in Geneva, Switzerland and lectured in Los Angeles, Mexico City, Istanbul, Ankara, São Paulo, Shanghai, Gratz. Since 2016, “The Walking Office” wearable computer project is included in the Henry Ford Museum Permanent Design Collection.