College for Creative Studies: Product Design


Anthony Reale

Adjunct Faculty

BFA, College for Creative Studies

Research Interests:

Design and technologies interrogation, particularly the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, and Smart Eco Systems. Areas of design style emphasis on 3D-modeling, bio-mimicry, and materials.

Professional Experience:

From 1999 to 2005 Anthony was six US patents, and over 600 of his designs made it to production While at SPX Corporation. Anthony started his art and design career in 2007 and graduated with a product design degree from the College for Creative Studies in 2010. Anthony's multi-awarding Senior project Strait Power, a shark-inspired kinetic water turbine, continues to be a source of research and inspiration. Currently, he is a 7th-year adjunct professor at the College for Creative Studies and consults on a wide range of products most notably in the IoT and Smart Cities space. Anthony largest Smart City product to date is a 32 ft Decorative Cellular tower located on the campus of Eastern Michigan University.

Significant Publications/Presentations/Exhibitions:

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