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Jetshri Bhadviya

AICAD Teaching Fellow

MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art, BFA, American University in Dubai

Jetshri Bhadviya is a multimedia artist. Through video, sound, performance and/or Photography, she explores how a human body activates a space and how it is perceived in a social, political, religious, and spiritual context.


Research for Bhadviya as a result of her interests is a progressive process that is illuminating and critical to her process of art making. Psychological, philosophical, spiritual and literary researches helps Bhadviya articulate and investigate her thoughts, feeling and beliefs. Concepts like individuality and the individual self through the understanding of the nature and nurture; id, ego and superego; existential crisis; soul; body; religion and void are what she explores through art.

Bhadviya also engages in researching different cultures and regions by attempting to read and understand various religious texts from Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Quran, Bible, etc.


Besides teaching at CCS, Jetshri Bhadviya has conducted workshops at Cranbrook and was a teaching assistant during her time at American University in Dubai. Her professional experience includes serving as videographer for the Detroit Skyspace Project of James Turrell at the Detroit Riverfront and curatorial assistant at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. She has additionally worked as a freelance designer, photographer, and instructor for a number of organizations in Dubai. She has exhibited her work in North Carolina, Cave Gallery and David Klein Gallery in Detroit, the Arts at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, the Grand Rapids Art Museum, and the Society of Photographic Education in New Orleans, as well as many venues in Dubai. The Sheikha Manal Young Artist Foundation named her one of the top-ten artists in Dubai in 2011; she received the Toby Dewan Lewis Fellowship Award in 2015.

Significant publications/presentations/exhibitions:

1) Barbed Magazine:

2) Press Release in Chowan Herald:

3) Press Release in Chowan Herald:

4) Featured Artist in Macomb Daily:


5) Nasty Women; Binders of Them, Cave Detroit, MI, USA.

6) What Keeps You Up At Night?, The Arts at California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA, USA

7)Featured ArtPrize Artist on Detroit Free Press.
Press Release: talent- artprize/72801626/

8)Experiencing Perspectives, Mercedes Benz, MI, USA Press Release:

9) Featured Artist at Decatur Art Festival

Press Release:

10) Featured multimedia artist in AUD review, Dubai: Press Release:

11) FOUR exhibition at Dubai Ladies Club, Dubai.

Press Release: closing- ceremony-of-four-group-show-in-dubai-ladies-club

12) Featured artist in a limited edition publication “NAVEL” developed in collaboration with Cranbrook Academy of Art and Dorothe Dupis.

Press Release:

13) On The Road: Poetics Of The American Highway, Rotunda Gallery, Dubai, UAE Press Release: