Michael Johnson

Adjunct Faculty

Michael Johnson is a Chicago native, pursuing his artistic passions, which has taken him to Detroit - his current home - from Seattle, Minneapolis and Phoenix - with extensive travel across Europe and Asia.

This 40-year professional journey began with extensive commercial illustration work mixed with fine art commissions. His specialty was highly detailed India ink (Rapidograph) and colored pencil fantasy art. As a Consumer Electronics product designer, he established PrecisionPower, Lightning Audio, Esoteric Audio and IXOS as global brands and helped launch Sirius Satellite Radio into CE as well. As a freelance consultancy with offices in Changping China and Detroit, MJ Design includes Best Buy, Systemax, Honeywell, Sony, Proforma, Target, T-Mobile, Hama, Kenwood, Clarion and others among its client list for product, packaging and marketing services. Johnson teaches Foundation Drawing as an adjunct faculty member, with specific emphasis on process by sharing his work experience with his students.

Research Interests:

  • Product Design for consumer electronics
  • Packaging and marketing for Consumer Electronics
  • Car Audio
  • Home Audio
  • Electronic accessories
  • Manufacturing in Asia
  • Working with electronics and mechanical engineering teams
  • Leading a design project
  • Managing Design, Sales and Marketing departments for CE industry

Significant Publications/Presentation/Exhibition/Projects:

Recently, Johnson completed a series of etchings and automotive-themed digital prints. One of these was a large-scale commission for the flagship Starbucks Troy, MI location. Some of these are also on display in the Farmington Hills, MI City Hall and the Woodward Warehouse in Royal Oak.