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Lindsey Belzyt

Adjunct Faculty

Masters of Linguistics, Oakland University; Bachelors of Education, University of Michigan

Lindsey Belzyt's research interests lie in the intersection of visual and written literacy and how to use both forms of literacy to help further student understanding and cognitive skills. 

She also focuses on how to break down these cognitive skills for students at an age appropriate level to facilitate their ability to transfer ideas and skills from one content area to another.

Belzyt has been a secondary English Language Arts teacher for nearly a decade, working predominantly at International Baccalaureate (IB) schools. She also has worked as an English as a Second Language teacher over the years. In addition to teaching, Belzyt also works with the IB to train other teachers, evaluate schools, and evaluate student work. She has worked with many literacy and arts focused groups, including the Oakland Writing Project and Smithsonian American Art Museum's Educational Program. Outside of the classroom, Belzyt is an adjunct faculty member in CCS's Art Education department, as well as a photographer.

Belzyt has presented on her research and work with students over the years at various conferences, including a discussion on teaching Middle Eastern literature to secondary students at the National Council of Teacher's of English conference, as well as on working on writing with speakers of African American Vernacular English at the National Conference of Peer Tutors.