College for Creative Studies: Interior Design


Amanda Uhlianuk

Adjunct Faculty

BFA, College for Creative Studies

Through her research and analysis, over time Amanda Uhlianuk has found interest in the relationship between space, construction, and material, how the engagement through the processes of ‘creating’ an ‘idea’ is translated into physical form and how all of those components come together.

Interior Design not only creates spaces for human habitation but it also blurs the lines between different design disciplines. It is a practice that addresses both processes of production or ‘creating’ as well as issues of perception. Perception is a driving force in all of Uhlianuk's projects and is rooted in the core of the design processes - it is the place where interpretation and design is formed to create an experience for each individual. The stages of conceptual development are key and being able to explore all the facets one faces in the process of design and being able to express in form what those meaning or concepts are.

Uhlianuk is a graduate from CCS in 2009 and now is the co-owner and proprietor of Ideology Inc an interior design firm located in Rochester, Michigan. When she has down time you can find her collecting vintage furniture, traveling and using her knowledge as well as skills teaching as an adjunct faculty member in CCS's Interior Design department. Uhlianuk started off after college working for firms such as Gensler and JPRA Architects, but ultimately knew her goal was to own her own design practice. She is delighted to be back at her alma mater and looks forward sharing her experiences with the students.

Signficant Publications/Presentations/Exhibitions/Projects

Detroit Home Award Winner 2015 - Ideology Inc.
AIA Award 2014 - Gensler Detroit Office- Gensler