College for Creative Studies: Fashion Accessories Design


Tom Carbone

Adjunct Faculty

BFA, College for Creative Studies

Tom is a consummate "development guy," everything can be improved and everything is an experiment.

He is interested in both the aesthetic and technical aspects of everything that surrounds us.

Tom began his self-directed shoe making apprenticeship in 2006 and has completed five intensive workshops in the Craft of Shoe Making. His works combine traditional and modern techniques. 

Early in his career, Tom concentrated on theatrical women's shoes, but has more recently taken to the challenge of designing men's shoes.

In addition to shoes, Tom is also making several hand tools for traditional shoe & boot makers. 

Shoes are both an esthetic and an engineering challenge, Tom's unique background suits the task; he spent many years in the Product Design Studios at Chrysler in the areas of Product Development, Advanced Engineering, and Prototyping. “It’s about taking the goals of the stylists and turning them into reality.