Systems Design Thinking Program


Thomas Pavlak

Adjunct Faculty

BFA Industrial Design, College for Creative Studies

Pavlak Head Shot

Research Interests: 

Design Thinking, particularly as relates to the intersection utilization of consumer insights and the fuzzy-front end of creative processes.

Ecosystem Development, with a concentration on leveraging the connections between ideas and organizations.

Professional Experience:

A graduate of the CCS undergraduate program in Industrial Design, his academic background includes complementary graduate coursework in strategic planning through Michigan State University.

His clients include Fortune 50 companies in technology, retail and transportation industries; he interacts with diverse stakeholders throughout the creative process; conducts user-centered research worldwide; and is responsible for delivering products and processes that ensure the success of internal and external teams.

A partial list of his clients includes Microsoft, General Mills, Steelcase, General Motors, Ford Motor Company and the Walt Disney Company.

As a founder of the not-for-profit Autonomous Vehicle Alliance, Tom also directs primary research into the use of autonomous vehicles and future mobility with a collaborative group of industry leaders.