College for Creative Studies: Foundation


Andrew Krieger

Adjunct Faculty

BFA, Cleveland Institute of Art

Andrew Krieger

Research Interests:

Andrew Krieger is a painter and mixed media artist. Born and raised in Detroit, Krieger attended the Cleveland Institute of Arts. After school, he returned to Detroit in 1987 to make art and work as a carpenter, the physical nature of which informed his artistic practice. Making sculptural forms out of wood and ceramic, combining that with representational painting, his works have a dynamic presence which aim to create a feeling of connectedness and participation. Through their physical context and relatable subjects, Krieger invites us all to rethink how we look at and experience painting. He has also explored these themes through installation projects including the acclaimed “J.C. HudSears” project in 2012. Krieger has exhibited work in Michigan, Ohio, California and New York, and is included in several notable private collections. He is represented by the David Klein Gallery in Detroit Michigan.

Professional Experience:

Krieger has been featured in various galleries around metro Detroit and the U.S. He has fabricated artworks for prominent nationally known artists. Krieger was hired at the College For Creative Studies as an Adjunct Professor in the Foundation Department.

Significant Publications/Presentations/Exhibitions:

2019 Mannisto, G. Fractured Beauty, Detroit Art Review, 3-5-2019
2017 Letts, K.A. Wonderland
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2012 St. Mary , Robert "Artist Welcomes You To JC Hudsears" WDET Radio Interview, November 26, 2012