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Amy Ruopp

Chair of Art Education
Assistant Professor

PhD& EdS, University of Missouri
MAT & BFA, Maryland Institute College of Art
Qualitative Research Certificate from the University of Missouri

Research Interests:

Amy Ruopp’s research situates itself within the interconnected identities of the artist/researcher/teacher. Each identity informing and exploring the practice of the other. Within that, her focus follows three discrete yet interrelated strands explored through Feminist New Materialism Theories: (a) within art education, the artist/researcher/teacher identities and making artistic learning visible, (b) developing innovative visual research methodologies which transcend traditional silo’d learning and knowing and (c) creative research as data visualization and analysis. As an artist/researcher/teacher her research explores intersections of knowing between different disciplines and literacies, what that produces and how it is put into practice. A/r/tography is chosen as a qualitative research methodology because it is an arts and education studio based research methodology that engages active on-site inquiry and offers an examination of the spaces between art-making/researching/teaching (a/r/t).

Professional Experience:

Amy arrives to the field of higher education with 25 years experience in K-12 settings which include: urban, rural, public, charter and magnet schools. Since earning her Doctorate, she has designed and instructed multiple undergraduate and graduate courses in art education as well as visual research. In addition, she consults with school districts regarding curriculum design. Throughout this time, she has maintained her artistic practice, exhibiting her work and also curating shows which are designed to engage viewers in a more participatory manner. 

Significant Publications/Presentations/Exhibitions:

  • Making Artistic Learning Visible: Theory Building Through A/r/tographical Exploration
  • Portrait of an A/R/Tographer: Theory as Conceptual Medium
  • Cultivating Potential-Harvesting Wisdom; An A/R/Tographical Illumination of Mentorship
  • She is currently working on a book rooted in her research to be published by Routledge in Winter 2021
  • "What Does Art Do?" A curated interactive exhibit, Curator and exhibiting artist, MONTMINY ART GALLERY , Columbia MO
  • The Artistry of Teaching: Curator, Bingham Gallery, University of Missouri
  • Convergence: Solo Show, Bingham Gallery, University of Missouri

Amy actively presents her research and curriculum design at:
International Congress for Qualitative Inquiry, National Art Education Association Conference, and State Art Education conferences.