Communication Design (Graphic Design)


Lauren Williams

Visiting Instructor

MFA, ArtCenter College of Design
BA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Lauren Williams

Research Interests:

Lauren Williams (she/her) works with visual and interactive media to understand, critique, and reimagine the ways in which social and economic systems distribute and exercise power. Her work seeks to expose and unsettle power and often prioritizes engaging people through design in service of imagining and manifesting a more equitable present and future. Much of her work revolves around Blackness, identity, bodiliness, and social fictions and examines the ways in which racism is felt, embodied, and embedded into institutions.

Professional Experience:

Before coming to CCS, Lauren co-taught a design research studio at ArtCenter College of Design (2019), served as a design fellow at the Los Angeles Mayor's Office (2017), and provided design services for the Financial Security Program of the Aspen Institute (2017 - 2019). Lauren is also a co-founder of the Antiracist Classroom, an initiative countering racism and white supremacy in the classroom and design practice. From 2010 - 2016, Lauren led numerous initiatives aimed at addressing economic inequality while working at Prosperity Now in Washington, DC: This included qualitative research studies, federal and state policy advocacy efforts, and program-related partnerships with community-based organizations.

Significant Publications/Presentations/Exhibitions:

Panelist, “Learning Race, Contesting Racism: Afro-descendant Youth and Racial Politics in Latin America” @ AAA/CASCA Annual Meeting Changing Climates: Struggle, Collaboration, and Justice (November 2019)

Presenter, “Tribute: A Critical Design Fiction & Praxis” @ Socially Engaged Design Conference: Initiate, Sustain, Expand (October 2019)

Invited Lecturer, “Social Bodies + Fictional Futures” in “Unmaking Art, Unmaking
Self: Women of Color Feminist Creative Practices” @ University of Hartford (February 2019)

Panelist, “Troubling Inheritances: Reworking Cultural Mythologies” @ CAA (February 2019)

Co-Organizer + Speaker, Reconstructing Practice: Toward an Antiracist Art & Design Field @ Pasadena, CA (July 2018)

Workshop Facilitator, “Lucha Libre & Afromexican Consciousness” @ Allied Media Conference in Detroit, MI (June 2018)