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Matthew Hawtin

Adjunct Faculty

MSc, University of Surrey
MFA, University of East London
BFA, York University

Matthew Hawtin

Research Interests:

Matthew Hawtin's aesthetic language investigates painting at an intersection between sculpture, design and architecture by exploring the fundamental elements of line, colour, surface, shape and form. The work exists in a space where thoughts and feelings can live; as minimal objects of meditation that reflect the spectrum of our daily emotions.

Professional Experience:

Born in the UK and raised in Canada, Matthew studied Fine Arts at York University in Toronto. After graduating in 1994 he gave himself 5 years to ‘unlearn’ what he had been taught in order to find his own artistic language. In 1999 he premiered the Torqued Paintings series, acrylic paintings with ‘torqued’ surfaces that investigated the subjective and objectiveness of painting. This initial series and reductive aesthetic has been part of his creative language ever since. The recent Torqued Panels series uses fiberglass panels as the painting support, and further explores the boundaries between painting, sculpture and design. His works investigates notions of repetition, personalization and futurism and traces the industrial and cultural landscape of Windsor and Detroit, which helped shaped Matthew’s creative language. Matthew has been a practicing artist for over 20 years and has exhibited in Canada, USA and Europe. 

Significant Publications/Presentations/Exhibitions:

Selected Exhibitions  


‘Dimensions’, 180 The Strand, London, UK
‘New Work’, SB Contemporary Art, Windsor, Canada
‘CENTURY: idee bauhaus, DRJ, Berlin, Germany


‘Shape and Water’, Cheryl Hazan Gallery, New York, USA
‘Hawtin + Sengbusch’, David Klein Gallery, Birmingham, USA


‘New Work’, David Klein Gallery, Detroit, USA
‘Parallaxis’, Townsend Modern/Contemporary, San Francisco, USA
‘Allsorts’, Scott White Contemporary Art, San Diego, USA
‘Salon 17’, SB Contemporary Art, Windsor, Canada
Shortlisted for Ontario Association of Art Galleries Award for AGW ‘Transposing’ exhibition
Monographic Exhibition of the Year (Budget under $20,000)


‘Transposing’, Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Canada
‘First Summer: Part 1’, David Klein Gallery, Detroit, MI, USA
‘Collect (part 1)’, SB Contemporary, Windsor, Canada
‘Economy of Form’, David Klein Gallery, Detroit, MI, USA


‘First Show’, David Klein Gallery, Detroit, MI, USA
Detroit Performs, Detroit Public Television, USA -