College for Creative Studies: Art Practice (Fine Arts)


Austin Brady

Adjunct Faculty

MFA, University of Notre Dame
BFA, College for Creative Studies

Austin Brady

Research Interests:

My work takes on the garage as a space where working-class masculinities are performed. It becomes a stage for experimentation, testing, execution, and failure. Simultaneously a domestic and public realm, it allows us to mod ourselves behind particle board walls and 2x4 studs, or open up the carport doors and spill out onto the driveway like a 10 point buck. 

I work to re-map white midwestern american masculinity through anxieties and fantasies within its cultural, material, and corporeal manifestations. Through the oscillating process of indulgence and criticism, I play masculine identity, to negotiate its territories, to masochistically prod its tenderness. Through the framework of feminist theory, new materialism, and contemporary gender theory, I attempt to resist toxic masculinities while galvanizing critical introspection and humorous dysmorphia.

Pitching my theoretical garage in the landscape of Sword and Sorcery images, aggressive music, tabletop gaming, professional wrestling, woodshop culture, horror cinema, hunting, sports, and videogames, I am able to take stock of all this sludge our dads left us, to loom into the hinterlands to kill what patriarchal monsters await.

Professional Experience:

Austin Brady received his BFA from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan with a concentration in painting, and received his MFA in Painting from the University of Notre Dame with a minor in Gender Studies. He is also an alum of the Redbull House of Art residency, and has exhibited nationally and internationally, Including the Snite Museum of art, the Swope Art Museum, South Bend Museum of Art, and KO gallery. He enjoys cheeseburgers, Dungeons & Dragons, and music most would consider aggressive and unlistenable.