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Joseph Sim

Adjunct Faculty

MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art
MS, Illinois State University
BFA Illinois State University

Joseph Sim Profile

Research Interests:

Exploring the connection of learning experiences with visual language, particularly spacial recognition in the visual arts and the effects of learning differences in visual perception.

Professional Experience:

Professional art installation specialist and collection service active in southeastern Michigan. Clients included major corporations such, Compuware, Honigman, Jaffe-Raitt-Heuer & Weiss and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. Sim also teaches at Oakland Community College where, besides teaching art, he developed a new course devoted to the culture and history of ancient Egypt. Throughout the 1990s, Sim was instrumental in the the development of a new impact floor design incorporating recycles shoes, SmartCells, created to minimize impact related injuries and fatigue reduction.

Significant Publications/Presentations/Exhibitions:

National Geographic, “Earth Almanac”, Vol. 192, No. 3, September, 1997

CNN Earth Matters, “Rebounding Sneakers”, June-July, 1996

CNN Headline News, June 7, 1996