Color & Materials Design


Haneif Katebi

Adjunct Faculty

BFA Transportation Design, College for Creative Studies

Haneif Katebi

Research Interests

Meaningful design, exploring beauty through the blending of human and digital characteristics, applying psychological principles to create an intended emotional reaction.

Professional Experience

Haneif Katebi, Lead Designer - Ronn Motor Group, was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Haneif attended a rigorous architecture design program in Stillwater before he moved to Detroit to attend the College for Creative Studies where we would later graduate with a degree in Automotive Design and start work with General Motors. While at GM he worked in various departments, including the Performance Studio where he worked with a team to develop the C7 ZR1 and C8 programs.

He later left GM to join EV startup Bordrin NEV where he worked on several show car programs, led a production exterior program, and helped incorporate VR into design workflows.

Having worked in the automotive design industry for almost a decade, Haneif Katebi brings a unique perspective on design from his various experiences in architecture and automotive design, modeling, and visualization.