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Headline: Animation Professor Co-Produces and Restores Animated Shorts With Tommy Stathes

November 24, 2021
A photograph of the outside of CCS campus from Woodward avenue in Detroit

Professor Steve Stanchfield and internationally recognized historian, archivist, distributor and educator Tommy Stathes curated and restored 12 animated shorts by the Fleischer Brothers from the 1920s and 30s, which premiered on October 2. The shorts were featured in the second portion of a two-part program titled The 100th Anniversary of Fleischer Animation – Part Two: The Sound Era.” 

The work involved Stanchfield leading a small team through the cleaning process, scanning and curating the animated material?? (I feel like I said shorts a thousand times and I was tired of it, so I said material instead. Thoughts?)

The shorts preceded a feature-length documentary titled “Cartoon Carnival: The Documentary.” The documentary took a look at the history of animation and how it has developed over the decades.