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CCS Academic Advising Program

The CCS Academic Advising Program provides assistance to Undergraduate, Graduate level, and Teacher Certification (TC) post-degree students enrolled at the College for Creative Studies. Academic Advising for these degree level students are handled by staff in the Academic Advising & Registration Office (AARO) and the International Student Services Office (ISSO). The ISSO advisor is assigned to International Undergraduate and Graduate students. The AARO advisors are assigned to undergraduate students by major. 

CCS Advisors are knowledgeable about curriculum, graduation requirements, college policies and procedures. Our goal is to promote student success through intentional interactions and informative experiences that serve as a guide for students navigating their academic programs. and overall college experience. Students are required to have advising meetings during key points of their educational path and are referred to various campus resources as needed to support their academic goals.


Advisors serve as departmental liaisons for their assigned majors to stay informed about current trends and recommendations for students studying in the related areas.

How We Advise

We listen to your needs and goals

We provide options for your plan

We work with you to make adjustments

We follow college policies and guidelines

How We Help


Add/Drop, Course Planning, Troubleshooting, Student Planning, Semester Preparation


Campus Resources, Program Requirements, Academic Policies & Procedures, FERPA & Student Records

Degree Planning

Changing Majors, Discussing Minor Options, Transferring Credits, Consultations, Credit & Elective Options

Referrals & Support

Academic Progress, Assessment, Grade Status Review, Department Approvals or Recommendations, Semester Concerns

Advisors are expected to...

  • Maintain confidentiality of records within FERPA guidelines
  • Help you understand academic program requirements
  • Assist you in selecting appropriate courses for your program
  • Provide accurate information and effectively communicate them to you.
  • Assess your academic progress.
  • Provide resources, referrals, and strategies for using available resources on campus.
  • Interpret CCS policies and procedures.
  • Assist you in setting realistic educational goals
  • Provide guidance with decision making, but not make decisions for you.
  • Be available during office hours by appointment or during posted drop-in hours.


Graduate-level advising meetings will take place during the academic year based on academic standing, degree progress, and registration assistance. Academic Advising appointments are available and encouraged for current students who have questions or concerns about their program and/or course options. Student academic evaluations are audited regularly to review progress towards graduate studies completion and to address academic concerns.

Students are required to meet with their assigned Academic Advisor when they enter into an undergraduate program. Additional required meetings will take place during the academic year based on class status, academic standing and degree progress. Academic Advising appointments are available anytime during the semester for current students and are encouraged to address questions or concerns about program or course options. Student academic evaluations are audited annually to review progress towards degree completion and address academic concerns.

Your Advisor will focus on your individual needs as a student and provide options that apply to your whole educational experience. Your mentor will focus on your development as a growing professional student in your major and provide guidance to support your portfolio development, and career choices. Both your advisor and mentor will refer you to resources outside of their specialized areas as needed.

Your Advisor will provide input on program and/or career related opportunities and inform you of eligibility requirements. Advisors can help you within your degree planning to reach those goals, and confirm action items necessary to complete procedures. Your Career Coach will provide individualized guidance on internships and career events that will help you define your career goals and path. Students can meet with their Academic Advisor in advance to prepare for meetings with their Career Coach. 

New Students are contacted by their Academic Advisor when it is time to register and set-up the first Advising & Registration Appointment! All communication is sent using the CCS student email account, which should be checked regularly. 

Undergraduate students are encouraged to meet with their assigned Academic Advisor and should check their appointment page for availability. If there is no availability, students may schedule with another Academic Advisor for assistance. The Academic Advising & Registration Office can be emailed at for further assistance, questions, or concerns and we will do our best to assist you.

If you are an undergraduate major, then technically, yes. However we do recommend students meet with their assigned advisor for guidance related to their major. All advisors can assist students with questions, concerns, registration, etc. International students will contact the ISSO for guidance on all requirements and options. When in doubt send an email regarding your questions or concerns.

Yes! Advisor assignments change if a student changes their major. Advisors are liaisons for their assigned departments and know first hand what updates, changes, or recommendations are supported by the departments.The Advisor for your assigned major is always the first to know about your program. However, all Advisors work together to stay informed about CCS programs, policies and procedures. You can choose to stay with an Academic Advisor outside of your major, if you prefer. The AARO must be informed of the request and your records will need to be updated.