Student Visa Process

Once you are accepted to the College for Creative Studies, the International Student Services Office (ISSO) will assist you in obtaining your student visa to attend the College. We hope to make your transition to CCS as smooth as possible.

To attend CCS, you will be sponsored on either a F-1 Student Visa (degree-seeking students) or a J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa  (exchange students). In order to apply for your Visa, the International Student Services Office (ISSO) requires the following documents (listed below).

The required documents are submitted through the CCS Global Visa Information Application on Slideroom. The link will be sent to you by the admissions team. Once complete, the ISSO will issue your I20 Form (F-1 Visa) or DS2019 Form (J-1 Visa). These forms are necessary to apply for your Visa at a US consulate abroad. Please note, that if you plan to bring dependents (spouse or child) you will need to submit additional documentation.

Required Documents

Statement of Financial Feasibility
In order to apply for an F-1 visa, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds at your disposal to cover the all-inclusive estimated cost of attendance at CCS for one entire academic year. Please note that your CCS Scholarship and International Student Grant can be deducted from the total estimated cost of attendance. The International Admissions office will provide these amounts to the ISSO. Refer to the final page of your degree level Financial Aid Workbook (Undergraduate BFA or Graduate MFA ) for a helpful guide on how to calculate the funds needed.

The following are acceptable financial documents:

  • The financial statement/s must be on official bank letterhead translated to English, issued within the last 6 months, with the total balance clearly stated, and converted to a US Dollar amount. Funds must be immediately available for the student’s use and cannot be received as non-liquid assets, or investments.
  • Scholarship letters on official letterhead, with funds listed in USD.
  • Loan statements for approved loans, on official letterhead with funds listed in USD and the date the funding is available.

Affidavit of Support
If your Statement of Financial Feasibility is in someone else’s name, such as a parent or relative, then that person will have to complete an Affidavit of Support. Your Admissions Counselor or ISSO will provide this document if needed.

You must provide a copy of your passport information page. Please be sure your image is clear, and all information can be read properly.

English Proficiency Proof
To receive an I-20 form you must meet the English proficiency admissions requirement.The admissions team will submit the results of your TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo exam to the international office. Contact your admissions counselor for more information.

Visa Process:
Visa regulations and processes can get complicated, however, the International Student Services Office is here to help! As an admitted student, current student, or alumnus there are many points along your path when you will need to seek advising and support related to your immigration status or Visa benefits. Visit our Campus Office Page to learn more!

  • New International Students will receive information from their admissions counselor regarding materials needed in order to receive an I20 form to start the F-1 Student Visa process.
  • Returning Students: Please contact the International Student Services Office if you have taken a leave of absence from your studies, and you require a new Student Visa and/or new I20 form to return to CCS.
  • New Exchange Students work with the International Student Services Office to submit the following documents required for the DS2019 Form for the J-1 Non-Degree Student Visa.

Basic Steps to obtain your Student Visa:
After you obtain your I20 Form or your DS2019 Form you will follow these steps to secure your Visa:

  1. Pay the SEVIS I901 fee
  2. Submit your DS 160 Visa Application Form and pay the fee
  3. Schedule and attend a Visa Interview at your local US consulate or Embassy

Helpful Resources
Prospective and current international students may use these government pages for up-to-date information regarding obtaining your Visa and continuing on your Visa as a student or exchange visitor at CCS.

US Visas

F1 Student Visa:

J1 Exchange Student and Scholar Visa:

For more information regarding study in the USA, please refer to the Education USA website.