Oh, What A Wonderful World: CCS Students Take Home 14 ADDY Awards

May 13, 2022
an artistic work depicting someone pointing to their abdomen

The American Advertising Federation (AAF) of Greater Flint, not only awarded two Advertising Design seniors BEST OF SHOW and GOLD American Advertising Awards (ADDY), but also sent other students home with a total of 14 awards in varying categories. 

Andrea Dunn and Skye Scaglione received BEST OF SHOW for their branded entertainment commercial, “Adobe Imagine Something Wonderful.” This commercial shows life’s hiccups being fixed with a little finessing in Adobe Photoshop—if only it were that easy. 

One scene displays a guy going through a recent heartbreak with the unfortunate tattooed on himself—his ex-girlfriend’s name—but the crisis was averted with Photoshop’s eraser tool.

“The process behind the idea was based on our experiences learning Adobe Photoshop for the first time,” Dunn and Scaglione said. “For both of us, it was a major learning curve. We were inspired to create content that simplified the learning process by using real-life scenarios. Not only is it a learning tool for beginners, it’s also relatable content for people who already use the software.”

Winning BEST OF SHOW isn’t new for Advertising students—in fact—the winning streak has lasted four years, so far:

2022 Local AAF Awards Student Best of Show – Andrea Dunn and Skye Scaglione 

2021 Local AAF Awards Student Best of Show – Jessica Bonello and Emily Burke

2020 Local AAF Awards Student Best of Show – Melissa Gallop

2019 Local AAF Awards Student Best of Show – Patience Young 

While work is pulled from all advertising design courses and entered into the competition, the BEST OF SHOW winners have all created their campaigns in a course taught by Advertising Design Chair Philip McAvoy.

“Great creative ideas and winning awards is part of the advertising agency’s creative culture,” McAvoy says. “Having award-winning work in your portfolio sets you apart from others and makes you more desirable when agencies are recruiting and hiring for internships and full-time positions. It takes your portfolio to the next level, by having your work recognized by current high-level experienced industry creatives (CCO’s, ECD’s, Group CD’s and CD’s).”


The American Advertising Awards recognize and reward creative excellence in advertising at an annual competition that attracts more than 40,000 entries at the local and regional levels. Local Addy winners go on to compete at the regional level in 15 district competitions, culminating in the national Addys, awarded each year at the ADMERICA Conference.



“Dry Shampoo”

Print Advertising – Magazine
Anika Jop, Mai Nguyen

“Music That Delivers”

Cross-Platform – Integrated Campaign
Adam Dellavecchia, Skye Scaglione

“Keeping It 100% BK Real”

Cross-Platform – Integrated Campaign
Johnny Spagnuolo, Anthony Quitos

“Nano City”

Cross-Platform – Integrated Campaign 
Skye Scaglione, Tranell Slaughter 

“A Statement, Statement”

Film, Video & Sound
Royce Jones, Andrea Dunn

“Love Triangle”

Film, Video & Sound
Thalia Esparza, Skye Scaglione, Adam Dellavecchia




Print Advertising – Magazine
Mai Nguyen

“Innovation Beyond Intention”

Print Advertising – Magazine 
Juliana Rabban

“Let Life Flash Before Your Eyes”

Print Advertising – Magazine 
Sam Talanges 

“Period Poverty”

Print Advertising – Magazine
Julia Nicholson, Mai Nguyen

“Traffic Safety”

Print Advertising – Magazine 
Kayla Matthews, Kiki Farrar

“All the Rad, Without the Bad”

Out-of-Home & Ambient Media – Outdoor & Transit
Mai Nguyen, Sam Talanges 

“Human Beings, Referee’s After”

Film, Video & Sound
Royce Jones

“360 Service”

Film, Video & Sound
Andrea Dunn, Skye Scaglione

“The Call”

Film, Video & Sound
Adam Dellavecchia, Stephen Sinacori, Sydney Wickersham

“Burger King: The Fairytale’s Over”

Film, Video & Sound
Jordan Goodman, Adam Dellavecchia

“Save Our Stages”

Print Advertising – Magazine
Adam Dellavecchia