Academic Information

CCS faculty and staff have worked diligently to prepare courses to meet the many needs of our students.

In-person classes and studios are organized to respect social distancing and public health needs. CCS engaged outside consulting support to ensure that our online-only and hybrid courses are purpose-built and best-in-class. 

If you have questions about the instructional modes referenced in the course schedule, click here for a handy chart that can help. 

CCS worked to address access to technology and the internet in two ways: 

  • Additional computer labs are available for students who lack access to computers or internet in their home location. To maximize the availability of computers in these labs,  students with personal laptops should bring them to campus. This also minimizes the need for disinfecting shared computer resources. 
  • New virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) system allows students to access a virtual Windows desktop with most CCS software installed to provide improved performance and better reliability.  The VDI system works from both on- and off-campus, allowing students to use their personal device (Mac or Windows) to access the software that runs on powerful servers at CCS.  Of course, students with appropriate devices may still run software locally on their own computers as licensing allows, and software is still available in labs on-campus for in-person use.

Please visit Resources for Students for additional information about campus facilities and additional resources that can support your academic success during the 21-22 school year.

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