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Information for CCS Educators

  • Online synchronous courses must be recorded throughout the semester. Remember, that CCS has students from different time zones who may not be able to attend online synchronous classes at the required time. Ensuring these sessions are recorded and made available to students will help those students, as well as others who would like to go back and review material.
  • Hybrid learning integrates both face-to-face and online coursework. Make sure your students understand how the content will be delivered on day one. Email your class to let students know if they are meeting face-to-face or online. If, on day one, you are meeting synchronously through zoom, make sure students have a link where the class will meet. A best practice for hybrid courses is to mark the meeting method each week. For example, week 1 face-to-face; week 2 synchronous zoom, etc. The key to making a hybrid course work is communication early and often.
  • Attendance- All faculty are required to enter attendance in Canvas in the first week of classes. Online asynchronous courses do not have set class meeting times as learning occurs through lecture material and assignments to be completed within a window, such as a week and submitted via Canvas. Because the asynchronous courses do not meet at a specific day/time, our student information system requires that you take attendance through Canvas for the first week only. Your attendance that first week could be based on whether students sign in or you could have a required assignment the first week asking for an introduction so you know students are there, present, and accounted for. 

Exception! The one exception where you are required to take attendance is if you have a veteran student in the course (the Registrar will email you a list of any Veteran students in your class). For that student, you need to track if veteran students are attending weekly, and if they stop attending you would simply enter the last day of attendance in the midterm or final grade module. You may not have any veterans in your class, but if you do, then you should manually monitor whether that student is regularly attending and participating in the coursework.

Attendance for face-to-face courses or online synchronous courses (meeting at the same time) will display as the scheduled meeting day and for those classes, you will be able and are encouraged to take attendance throughout the semester.

Faculty Training Resources

The CCS Library has created various training and informational videos for use by CCS faculty.


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