Brian Kotulis

Adjunct Faculty
BFA, College for Creative Studies

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Since graduating with a degree in illustration, Brian Kotulis has evolved his career from art apprentice to creative director while working at many of the Greater Detroit creative agencies.

He is a passionate creator working for global brands, avidly following the worlds of science-fiction and fantasy and their many avenues, from ash-can zines to big-budget productions. A lover of quirky sub-genres and hidden worlds, Brian works hard to preserve the magic of creation without getting too lost in ‘the rules.’

With respect to Illustration Instruction, Brian believes a young illustrator cannot effectively begin his or her career until they understand their own mind.

Professional Experience

A multi-decade veteran of Advertising, Marketing, Events and [Entertainment] Communication, Brian has worked with many creative houses large and small to craft messages and promote ideas. His primary areas of expertise are context research, audience discovery, and message development. He has used these skills for primarily digital executions relevant modern marketing, including Retouching, Matte Painting, Photo Manipulation, Graphic Design, Animation, Web Development, GUI Interfaces, Video Editing, Social Media Development, Campaign Development, etc.

Brian was invited to teach digital courses at CCS, beginning his tour in 2005. His primary focus in the classroom is helping students explore the importance of story-telling through context and establishing a personal process of creation. An expert in traditional and digital mediums, Kotulis’s core creative values revolve around experimentation with purpose, professionalism, preparedness, guided research, and harnessing one’s creative energy to build a stable career and balanced life.

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions


The D Show, 2013 (Art Direction)
Davey Award, Silver, 2013 (Art Direction)
U B The Judge, Winner in Category, 2009 (Retoucher)
The D Show, Silver, 2008 (Retoucher)
The D Show, Silver, 2008 (Illustrator)
Davey Award, Silver, 2007 (Illustrator)
Davey Award, Silver, 2007 (Graphic Designer)
Davey Award, Silver, 2007 (Retoucher)
The Gallery of Superb Printing, Silver, 2002 (Designer)
Society of Illustrators, 2001 (Illustrator)
Meadowbrook Art Show, Gold, 1996 (Illustrator)
Meadowbrook Art Show, Bronze, 1996 (Illustrator)
Clients / Brands:

Alfa Romeo
Bentley Motors
Harman / Kardon
Departure Travel
General Motors
American Red Cross
Down Syndrome Guild