Christopher Tobias

Adjunct Faculty
B.S., Graphic Design, Bob Jones University

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Research interests include the future of communication and design, particularly how evolving work habits and emerging technologies are impacting design.

Professional Experience

Freelance book jacket designer for over 25 years. Clients include Penguin, Harper Collins, and Random House. Chris expanded his business to include web design for musicians and entertainment clients in 2009, leading to a tech start-up in 2015. In 2018 Chris accepted a full-time position with EY, working in their Creative Services Group in Detroit until moving to Ford in 2019. There he is a Communication Design Lead at D-Ford, their human-centered innovation lab.

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions

“We Love Books, A World Tour: Books of the World”. Centre Du Graphisme D’Échirolles, Jan 2008; Paris.