Clare Gatto

Adjunct Faculty/Lecturer
MFA - Cranbrook Academy of Art; BFA - Ohio State University

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Clare Gatto is a Detroit-based artist using 3D rendering software to create and explore simulated bodies, egg sacs, and interstitial space. These digital simulations, in the form of video and photographic works, offer the in-between as an opportunity to reconsider ideas around the body as we know it and envision the physicalized self beyond labels and binaries.

Professional Experience

Clare Gatto earned a BFA from Ohio State State University (2012) and an MFA in Photography from Cranbrook Academy of Art (2017), in the interim they co-founded MINT collective, a collaborative, multidisciplinary artist-run space in Columbus, OH. A recipient of the Mercedes Benz Financial Service New Beginnings Award (2017) and the Warren and Margot Coville Scholarship (2017), they attended Vermont Studio Center and ACRE artist residencies in 2018 and Seljavegur residency in Reykjavik, Iceland in fall 2019. Their artist book Good Side, published with New Archive, is in the collection of Cranbrook Academy of Art Library and the Whitney Museum of Art Library Special Collections. Gatto is currently a member of BULK Space in Detroit, MI, they are working collaboratively with Jova Lynne, Sara Nishikawa, Meg Kelley and Jessica Allie as directors of Bulk Space.

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions

Two Person Shows

  • 2022 (upcoming) w/ Kara Gut, Dream Clinic Project Space, Columbus, OH
  • 2021 as a sort of cloud rather than a bubble, w/ Juan Neira, LVL3 Official, Chicago, IL
  • 2021 Spawning Point, w/ Kara Gut, Stone House Art Gallery, Charlotte, NC

Awards/ Honors/ Residencies

  • 2021 Culture Source Flourish Fund Grant
  • 2021 Red Bull Arts – Detroit Microgrant
  • 2020 Velferden Centre for Contemporary Art, Norway – Artist Residency
  • 2019 Knight Foundation, Knight’s Arts Challenge, Detroit, MI (BSAR)
  • 2019 SÍM Residency – Seljavegur artist Residency (Upcoming October 2019)
  • 2019 Mostly Butter – Artist Residency
  • 2018 ACRE – Artist Residency
  • 2018 Vermont Studio Center – Artist Residency