Douglas Kisor

Professor Emeritus
MFA, Western Michigan University, BFA, Michigan State University

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Designing communication systems, particularly the intersection of communication channels used in developing an integrated communication systems.

Design histories, particularly the transformation of design over the past twenty years predicated on new and emerging technologies combined with the expanded palette of communication pathways open to the designer.

Professional Experience

Professor Kisor was a faculty member at three universities before becoming Chair of the Communication Design Department at CCS. In 2016 Professor Kisor stepped down as chair to focus on professional practice, research and teaching.

Professor Kisor has conducted international study programs based in Den Haag the Netherlands with extended stays in Berlin, Paris, London, Zurich, Prague, and Copenhagen.

Currently Professor Kisor is Vice President for Education on AIGA’s Board.

Recent projects include the identity for “UNESCO, Detroit City of Design” in 2016.

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions

2014_ TECHONOMY Detroit Conference, “Building the Brand”

2013_ Museums in the Digital Era, Yeongwol, South Korea, “Syncing the Digital and the Physical”,

2013_ Fog of Change; NASAD Conference, St. Louis MO., “Using Research in the Creation of an Informed Response.” 2007_ Presentation, AIGA Los Angles, Schools of Thought II, “What’s so graphic about graphic design.”

2005_ Presentation, AIGA Los Angles, “Schools of Thought III, “Poised for the Future of Graphic Design Education” 2003_ICOGRADA “Visualogue” conference, Nagoya Japan, “New Directions in Design Education”

Published work: AIGA Communication Annual, American Center for Design 100 Show, Print Regional Annual, Soul Design, Typographics 2, Typography Now Two and other regional and national publications.

Professor Kisor has participated in over sixteen site visits to review higher education design programs nationally and internationally.

A partial client list: College for Creative Studies, Detroit Creative Corridor, Daimler Chrysler, The Henry Ford, Eastern Michigan University, Burroughs/Unisys