Dr. Michael Stone-Richards

Ph.D., University of London, MA, Courtauld Institute of Art, BA, University of Warwick


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Professional Experience

Dr. Michael Stone Richards teaches philosophy, literature, and art history, and also leads the minor in Critical Theory. Michael has published widely in English and French on Picasso, Surrealism, Dali, modern poetry, and intellectual history. His book, Logics of Separation, dealing with the themes of exile and religious sensibility in modern thought (art, poetry, the novel, social and political thought) was published by Peter Lang.

Stone Richards has a wide range of teaching interests including dance, film, performance art, Asian American experimental writing and art, installation, post-Studio art, and the philosophy of the City. He participates in many local institutions such the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, and the Detroit Institute of Arts. He is a member of the American Comparative Literature Association, the Modern Language Association, and the Modernist Studies Association.

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions