Greg Darby

Chair of Product Design
BFA, College for Creative Studies

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As a designer and educator, Associate Professor Greg Darby has a passion for making objects and experiences beautiful, meaningful and functional; while promoting the understanding of the applied arts within our society through lectures and workshops.

Professional Experience

Department Chair Greg Darby has been teaching Industrial Design at the College for Creative Studies for 15 years. Greg is a graduate from the College for Creative Studies with a focus on consumer product design and furniture design, and has been working in the design field for 20+ years. He began his career at Steelcase in Grand Rapids Mi., designing high-end wood office systems. In 1998, he became a senior designer at the design consultancy Sundberg-Ferar. While at Sundberg-Ferar, he was the design lead for Kenmore Brand refrigeration, where he helped introduce the Kenmore Elite line of appliances. Since 2003, he continues to consult with various Detroit area clients working on projects from digital modeling, prototyping and consumer products.

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions