Heidi Eichbauer

Adjunct FacultyInstructor
M.A., PhD (ABD), Wayne State University, 2009


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Heidi Eichbauer completed an MA in English Literature and pursued her PHD, all but dissertation (ABD), with an emphasis on the History and Theory of Rhetoric at Wayne State University. She is currently working on a manuscript titled, “Feminine Figuration and Embodiment: Rhetoric, Poiesis, and the (Un)Making of Woman,” which explores the figuration of woman in various ancient Greek and 18th Century European texts as two historical nodes of a deconstruction that offers insights into current debates about gender and sexual difference. Her work in this area underlies her Survey of World Literature and gender studies courses at CCS.

Professional Experience

The greater part of Eichbauer’s professional activity has been in teaching, starting as a graduate teaching assistant in Wayne State University’s English department. Her fairly equally distributed education in rhetoric and composition, literary studies, and linguistics has granted her the opportunity to teach a breadth of courses, from world literature to professional and technical communication, across diverse educational settings, including the Detroit-based non-profit Focus: HOPE at the Center for Advanced Technology. Her background in language and rhetoric allows her to introduce students to a comprehensive perspective that helps them make connections between courses in liberal arts and their art and design practice.

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions

Forthcoming: Session Chair, Facilitating Transfer of Knowledge Between Liberal Arts and Art & Design Practice, Foundations in Art: Theory and Education (FATE), Serious Play

Forthcoming: “Language and Colonialism: World Literature Strategies for Linguistic Justice,” Modern Language Association (MLA), Linguistics and Literature Forum

“Developing a Liberal Arts Course at CCS: Promoting Academic Literacies and Facilitating Transfer of Knowledge,” College for Creative Studies, Professional Development Lecture

“Teaching Interdisciplinarity to Art School Freshmen,” Southeastern Conference of Art Colleges (SECAC), Connecting Disconnect: Cultivating Interconnectivity Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration

“Cognitive Dissonance/Deferral in the Referential Mind: A Semantic Analysis of John Keats’ Ode ‘To Autumn,’” Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA), New York University

“Pretty Persuasion: Sophistic Rhetoric, Romantic Poetics, and the Postmodern Possibility of Recovering the Feminine in Civic Discourse,” Penn State University Conference on Rhetoric and Composition, Rhetoric’s Road Trips: Histories and Horizons

“Discourse Differences in Gendered Disputes: Issues for Token Women in Alternative Dispute Resolution Forums,” National Communication Association, NCA Commission on Communication and the Law

“The Liberal vs. Communitarian: Mary Wollstonecraft’s Poetics & Politics and the Implications for a Public Sphere,” Emory University, Conference on Literature and Democracy

“Multiple Ethnicities, Multiple Identities: Ethnic Rhetorics in the Urban-Based Writing Classroom,” Penn State University Conference on College Composition and Rhetoric, American Ethnic Rhetorics

“The Covert Prestige of African American Vernacular: A Case Study,” Wayne State University, College of Urban, Labor, and Metropolitan Affairs, Racialized Identity in the City: Implications for the 21st Century